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NOW selling HAND MADE KNIVES! I work with Damascus and regular steel, creating my own designs, using a hydraulic press and hand filing, buffing to a reflective finish. I use a variety of hard wood for handles, brass, nickel and stainless-steel bolsters and rivets. Starting to scrimshaw and scribe the blades and handles. Also, custom, hand-made cutting boards & butcher blocks, furniture and woodworking projects. My furniture incorporates stone, marble, epoxy and a wide selection of quality woods.


Custom handcrafted furniture is made solely by me,
every step of the way, from design to hand rubbed
finish. My pieces are made to last generations. From the
hand-picked hardwoods both domestic and exotic, to
the joinery to glues and fasteners, all are of the highest
quality and scrutiny. Old school techniques combined
with the top-of-the-line tools and machinery, guaranty
perfection and quality for your project.

I create and build custom projects from many types of wood - from antique reclaimed lumber, to domestic hardwoods and soft woods

to the most eccentric exotic hardwoods. When you see and touch

my creations you will see the quality and care I add by 40 years of

love and experience. I'm looking forward to creating your next

beloved piece.


Although I have been designing

my own pieces for years,

I can make you a

custom knife as well.

Wood Piles

View our selection of wood samples to inspire your next custom piece!



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